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All skincare products are homemade and have not been tested by FDA.  If you have allergies, and are unsure if the body butters will trigger those allergies, please consult your physician before use.



  • How does temperatures affect my body butter?

- Colder temperatures could cause the product to be harder. Let product sit at room temperature for about an hour, or sit on bathroom counter.

High temperatures could cause the product to melt. Immediately place body butter into the refrigerator for 10- 15 minutes for it to stiffen up.

Neither of the temperature changes will cause the product to be less effective.


  • When will my body butter be shipped?

- Body butters are shipped Monday- Wednesday. This is to ensure that butters are not in high temperature for an extended period of time causing it to lose texture.


  • I received my body butter, and it was not full. Why?

- The process of making body butter creates tiny air pockets in the product making it light and fluffy. If the butter melts those pockets dissipate and the volume, the air pockets created, is also reduced. This creates the appearance that it is less than full. However, all jars are filled to capacity before shipping.


  • How will high temperatures affect the body butters?

- If temperatures are high enough during the shipping process, this will cause the butters to melt. We have no control over the temperatures after it ships. In the future, we are planning to add insulation and ice packs to prevent melting as much as possible.


  • What should I do if it is melted when delivered?

- If it’s melted when received, immediately refrigerate the body butter for 10 – 15 minutes.


*If your question was not answered above, please visit our 'Contact Page' to submit your question. We are more than happy to answer! We want you to be confident and comfortable with buying our products.

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