Ashwagandha Root C/S


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Ashwagandha Root has been said to possess the following health properties:

     - Anti-inflammatory

     - Reduce blood sugar levels

     - Increases stamina/ endurance

     - Energy boosting

     - Improves brain functionality

     - Promotes heart health

     - Reduces stress levels

     - Supports thyroid health

     - Anti-cancer

     - Lowers cholesterol levels

     - Stimulates hair growth

Ashwagandha Root has been said to possess the following spiritual properties:

     - 3rd Eye activator

     - Creativity

     - Traumatic healing aid


*Should not be used while pregnant*

Please consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or allergies, are pregnant or nursing, or are taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications. Herbs and medications can cause negative reactions and not all herbs work well with all people.

***If you are pregnant or nursing, have a seizure disorder, or will be using this on children under 10, please consult a doctor before using. If you have any allergies, please, thoroughly review the ingredients listed.  Also, it is best practice to conduct a small patch test of any new product before using. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vendor has been BRC Certified for the Global Standard for Food Safety Initiative, (GFSI) with an AA rating. All organic products have been USDA Certified.***

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